Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

From the mind of J:

As a proud nerd, it does my heart well to see Superheroes rule the box office. Whether it be Batman movies worthy of Academy Award consideration, or The Avengers giving us the most anticipated movie of the 21st Century, it’s been a fantastic decade+ for crusaders of all kinds.

That being said, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all the brooding, or not feel you need to have seen multiple other films to reeeaallly get what’s going on. That’s where Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes in.

Rather than a Superhero movie that takes itself a little too seriously, or one heavily reliant on a backstory, Into the Spider-Verse is a pick-up-and play Spider-Man experience that focuses on fun while not abandoning the emotional investment needed to carry it’s characters.

Casual fans may be accustomed to Peter Parker as the lead web-slinger, but it’s easy to immediately fall in love with the charm of main character Miles Morales and his daily misadventures through teenagehood. Rather than a story of Peter & Uncle Ben that has frankly been told to death (pun intended always), we get to know a fresh face, his journey to donning the mask, and while Miles & Peter’s origins may not be completely unique, it’s still a new spin on an intelligent teenager dealing with the emotion and pressure that comes with life and yes, responsibility.

Hardcore Spidey Fans will be delighted by the alternate universe versions of your friendly neighborhood hero (Spider-Gwen, Spide-Noir, and Spider-Ham), the easter eggs, and homage to other spider stories told, I can’t stress enough how easy it is to invest in Miles and the current universe we find ourselves in. Fun alternate takes on villains, backstories, and relationships make you feel like things are familiar yet exciting, a hard feat to pull off in a saturated hero market.

Also worth noting is the beautiful art style implemented in this film. The director and animators always had a firm grasp on the tone of the moment, with the film ranging from serious realism to a living comic book feel. Animation obviously allows filmmakers to push boundaries and achieve near-impossible scenes, but Spider-Verse also captivates you in a way that proves it to be well written and layered as if it these were actors on the big screen. Pixar has long been the master of walking this fine line, but kudos to Sony for producing such a balanced, heart gripping adventure.

When it comes to movie reviews, to me it’s as simple as whether or not you should go. Some have called Into the Spider-Verse the best Superhero movie ever. I wouldn’t go that far. Some have said it’s their favorite Spider-Man movie, and truly that I get. But no matter where it ‘ranks’ for you personally, I highly recommend seeing this bold, creative, laugh out loud funny take on a beloved character. Charming but focused, funny but emotional, I give Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse a strongly endorsed ‘Must-See’

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