BREAKING: WWE’s Saudi Arabia Show Reportedly Off

The Latest News Regarding WWE Crown Jewel

This article will be updated as we gather more information regarding the future of WWE Crown Jewel.

October 14, 2018– A source has told that the WWE Crown Jewel network special, emanating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on November 2, 2018, will reportedly not take place as planned. We have reached out to WWE for further comment. The New Age Insiders went LIVE on Periscope early Sunday afternoon to discuss the potential major news:

Update- October 16: According to our source as of last night, Crown Jewel will reportedly still not be taking place as originally planned, and an update regarding the future of the event may be given in the coming days. It’s interesting to note that no mention of Saudi Arabia was made on last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Update- October 17: has learned from the same source this morning that Saudi Arabia was actively being removed from talent’s travel schedules over this past weekend in anticipation of Crown Jewel not taking place there. However, we’ve learned that the US State Department and the President are actively pushing WWE behind the scenes to go and fulfill the obligation in Saudi Arabia. Be sure to listen to the first segment from our Wednesday show below for the latest developments.

Update: October 19: WWE has once again removed all social mention of Saudi Arabia from the Crown Jewel event page, and the link to purchase tickets in Saudia Arabia reads “coming soon!” Today was the original on sale date planned for the event.

Update: October 22: The ticket site still reads “coming soon” and some are speculating that the event is either off, or if the event is to take place as planned, the tickets might be held for a day-of sale at the stadium. Our source has also informed us that John Cena and Daniel Bryan have reportedly refused to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

LATEST UPDATE: OCTOBER 23- 8:55PM: has learned from a reliable source that WWE has settled on a new venue to hold the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view, and tickets are likely to go on sale at the end of this week. The heavy implication from our source is that the event will be held in the US, with signs pointing to New York as a likely landing spot. An announcement in the very near future is likely, as the event as scheduled is only 10 days away.

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