Late Night Liam

Late Night Liam- 7/18/18

In this episode, Liam and Bill discuss the World Cup, Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker, the Bohemian Rhapsody trailer and what is up with Kahwi Leonard. Follow @LiamNAI and @BillNevilleNAI on Twitter LISTEN NOW:

Late Night Liam

Late Night Liam- July 11, 2018

This episode of Late Night Liam features: -Jurassic Park ride closing in UNiversal HOllywood- September 3 -The potential return of a WORKING Yeti on Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom -Return of Double Dare -Is Billy […]


That Movie Show- ‘BASEketball’ (1998)

This week, Mike and Liam discuss the cult classic from 1998, the Trey Parker and Matt Stone made BASEketball! Follow on Twitter at @NewAgePop, @MikeWendt, @LiamNAI, and @BillNevilleNAI. Collect. Obsess. Be Nerd. VIDEO SIMULCAST: AUDIO […]

Late Night Liam

Late Night Liam- 4/19/2018

Liam and Bill discuss the trip to New Orleans, Celebrity Birthdays, the Walking Dead Season Finale, and more! Follow on Twitter at @NewAgeInsiders, @LiamNAI, and @BillNevilleNAI. Connect. Discuss. Be Heard. AUDIO VERSION: ______________ VIDEO SIMULCAST: […]

Be Nerd

Be Nerd- Heath Ledger’s Death Anniversary- 1/23/2018

In this episode the New Age Insiders discuss the 10 year anniversary of Heath Ledger’s death by discussing how truly great the performance in The Dark Knight really was. #CollectObsessBeNerd

Be Nerd

Be Nerd- 1/16/2018- The Golden Globes

The New Age Insiders discussed whether or not James Franco should’ve let Tommy Wiseau speak at the Golden Globes, and break down why or why not certain films should be nominated for these awards