NAI Wrestling Network Major Announcement


To the fans of the New Age Insiders, and the New Age Insiders Wrestling Network:

Over the last few weeks, we have undergone some major changes as far as how the New Age Insiders Wrestling Network will be constructed, and we would like to use this platform to explain them. In addition to the changes, we also have a few very exciting things coming up in the near future.

First, an all-new, REVAMPED will be launched on March 15, 2018. The website will be your one stop for everything NAI, including articles, video clips, full archived shows, the place to listen and watch LIVE every Wednesday, a section of the site dedicated to New Age Insiders Pop, pages dedicated to affiliated shows, your place to get New Age Insiders merchandise, and much more. We’d like to thank Referee Tony Stevens for the help in this relaunch/redesign, and we can’t wait to show it to the world. We will also be dedicating time and effort into our New Age Insiders YouTube channel, working with affiliated shows to create more original video content to expand our portfolio.

NAI Wrestling Network Show Announcements:

  • Rant With Ant, featuring Ant DeStefano, Phil Cataldo, and Glenn Rodriguez, will be maintaining their spot on the New Age Insiders Wrestling podcast channel going forward. RWA will also be moving to Mondays in an effort to have the New Age Insiders Wrestling Show content be featured on the top of the channel for more days per week. In addition, the RWA Crew will continue creating content alongside NAI, as part of a growing team effort, including a YouTube segment, Rapid Rant, and other audio/video contributions to the revamped
  • Wrestling Podcast About Nothing, featuring Mike Crockett and Brian Milonas, have decided to mutually part ways, and dedicate their time and effort towards their BDA Radio Channel, which you can find easily on iTunes, Google Play, and your favorite podcast platforms. We wish them all the best going forward!
  • DDT Wrestling, featuring DC Matthews and Doc Manson, will also be moving their hit show, ‘The List’ to their own existing podcast feed, which can be found on your favorite podcast platforms. DC and Doc have been important mainstays of the NAI Wrestling Network for several years, and we’ll continue to work together in the future. DDT Wrestling will also be featured on the revamped
  • Sawlty Chips, featuring Damian Sawlty G and Chip K. Fabe, will be moving to their own existing podcast feed, which is also available on your favorite podcast apps, and will be accessible through Sawlty Chips derived from the former Shattered GlassCast, after a mutual parting of ways with Matt McCool.
  • The 3 Count With Matt McCool, will be Matt McCools new venture for NAI Wrestling with a weekly edition of ‘The 3 Count,’ the popular segment fans have been contributing to since The Pipebomb With McCool & Co. This new show will take your questions and see Matt as well, as a variety of guests answer them directly. This show will be featured on it’s own feed as well.

WrestleMania 34 Broadcast Plans:

For the third straight year, the New Age Insiders will be broadcasting live from the Mania Club WrestleMania Tailgate, benefitting Connor’s Cure. Information regarding tickets to the tailgate are available by following @ManiaClubWWE on Twitter, or joining ‘MANIA CLUB’ on Facebook. Tickets are $50, and are for sale on an EventBrite page that can be found by checking out the group/NAI’s social media. Tickets for group members are $40 starting March 1st, and can be purchased by messaging group administrator Ashontay Owens. Tickets include unlimited beer, soda, water, all-you-can-eat BBQ from Blue Ribbon BBQ, live entertainment, and of course, a large portion of the proceeds will help fight pediatric cancer by going to Connor’s Cure. Donations can also be made if you aren’t able to make it to New Orleans.

On behalf of all of us at New Age Insiders, thank you for an incredible 2017, an even better start to 2018, and here’s to the future! We look forward to seeing everyone online, and those of you who are headed to New Orleans in just a few weeks!

-Jason Moltov, Liam Stryker, and Bill Neville, The New Age Insiders

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