New Japan DOMINION Results

complete recap of an incredible event - By Jason Moltov

Never Openweight Title – Mike Elgin defeats Hirooki Goto & Taichi

In a strong tone setter Unbreakable Mike Elgin beat Hirooki Goto & Taichi to become the new IWGP Never Openweight Champion


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Titles – Young Bucks defeat Evil & Sanada

The 7x Junior Heavyweight Tag Champion Young Bucks look to make history by capturing their first IWGP Heavyweight Tag Titles against the team of Evil & Sanada. Great psychology throughout the match as Nick & Matt continued to have their feet and legs targeted to prevent the delivery of their signature Superkicks. After a variety of spots and near falls the Young Bucks prevailed with the ‘More Bang for your Buck’ to leave Dominion with another milestone in their growing legacies.


Bullet Club (Cody, Marty Scurll, & Hangman Page) defeat Thunder Liger, Tanahashi, & Rey Mysterio

Let’s take a moment to appreciate 2 things here right away – Rey Mysterio’s incredible Mask paying tribute to the NJPW logo, and the incredible legendary team of Jushin Thunder Liger, Tanahashi, and Rey Mysterio. Very fun match that had the crowd invested early and often. Mysterio continues to prove his star power travels and the Bullet Club were in top form. No real continuation of any tension or storylines when it comes to BC, just a good win for Cody over Liger and the 3 men standing tall at the end. Great ovation for Mysterio/Tanahashi/Liger to close the segment.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title – Hiromu Takahashi defeats Will Ospreay ©

Will Ospreay’s broken neck was heavily taped coming into a very hard hitting affair. Plenty of breaths were held as Takahashi focused on Ospreay’s injured neck, with plenty of gasp worth suplexes and spikes. In the end Takahashi prevailed with the Juniro Heavyweight Crown, with Ospreay hopefully taking some much needed time to heal up.


IWGP Intercontinental Title – Chris Jericho defeats Naito ©

Chris Jericho sets the pace early and continues to shine as a brutal antagonist in New Japan. For close to 5 minutes before the bell even rang Jericho victimized Naito on the outside, proving he came for a fight as much as the IC Title. Naito’s right eye was cut early, and it provided noticeable symbolism as to the level of the match itself. Jericho played the weaselly asshole perfectly, Naito the anti hero who came ready to brawl. In the end Jericho got the 1-2-3 after a code breaker, becoming the first man to win the IWGP and WWE Intercontinental Championships – his 10th overall.


IWGP Heavyweight Title – 2 out of 3 Falls

Kenny Omega defeats Kazuchika Okada (c)

The highly anticipated Main Event did not disappoint. To add even more drama to a tense matchup, Okada scored the first Fall, meaning Kenny Omega would have to pin a nearly undefeatable IWGP Champion twice in a row to win his Title. After several near falls and amazing spots, Kenny Omega’s One Winged Angel remained untarnished, securing the second Fall and evening the score at 1 apiece. The 3rd Fall alone could be considered the Match of the Year to date. Incredible storytelling showed 2 fatigued warriors giving all they had and then some, far surpassing the 60 Minute mark in this match without a time limit. From Rainmakers to an Omega Styles Clash, this had it all and was a truly heart stopping affair. In the end, it was Kenny Omega’s patented Finisher that scored the 3rd and Final Fall, crowning the Cleaner your new IWGP Heavyweight Champion after an absolute must-see classic.