Stryker’s Cinema Series- Marvel Cinematic Universe: Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man Trailer (2008)

This being his origin story, we are introduced to a pre-Iron Man Tony Stark. The character we are introduced to reminded me of a spoiled, rich teenager with no real sense of responsibility, and no real moral compass. We see his party animal, playboy antics when he skips an award ceremony just to gamble, leading to a one-night stand with a Vanity Fair reporter.

We don’t begin to see Tony have any shift in a moral compass until after he’s kidnapped and sees his company’s weapons in the hands of terrorists. Fellow captive Yinsen is also able to reach Tony and push that moral change, as he explains the situation in his home country.

The escape plan with the first Iron Man suit, while for self-preservation, also showed hints of heroic determination, and even more so, a newly discovered sense of justice. This misguided sense of morality is seen immediately in the hastily put together press conference where he announces that Stark Industry would no longer make guns. This is Tony instinctively knowing he has to do something, but not quite knowing how to act on it.

Building the new Iron Man suit, Tony starts to find a sense of purpose.  When he sees the destruction his weapons are causing in the middle east, and learns that Obadiah has been playing both sides and planned to kill him, Tony dons the suit and finds his calling as he begins to understand what it’s going to take to truly become a hero.

His final fight with Iron Monger completes his transformation into Iron Man. In the final line of the film Tony Stark proclaims “I am Iron Man.” It’s a great place to leave this character, as he has become the hero in the public’s eyes, but does not yet fully understand what it means to be one. As the films progress we’ll see how Tony grows into the hero role and where he stands, come time for Avengers: Endgame this April.

Iron Man is definitely worth a watch if you’re preparing to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe prior to Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. Let me know what you think about the film that kicked it all off. Write a comment below or find me on Twitter @LiamNAI and give me your thoughts on the film.

Stan Lee Cameo: At the Gala event he is mistaken for Hugh Hefner.

Post Credit Scene: Tony Stark comes home to find Nick Fury in his living room wanting to talk to him about the Avengers initiative.

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